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Debit Card

TNB Debit CardAlso referred to as check cards, debit cards are becoming the preferred payment method for millions of cardholders. A debit card from Town North Bank offers many advantages over credit cards, checks or cash.

More convenient than checks
No more bulky checkbooks. No hassles about “who used that check?” on joint accounts. And you don’t have to take the time to write a check at the point of sale. Just present your Town North Bank debit card as you would any credit card, wherever MasterCard® debit cards are accepted.

Safer than cash
If cash is lost or stolen, it’s gone forever. If your Town North debit card is lost or stolen, you’re protected. Just call right away to report the loss or theft. We’ll cancel the card immediately and issue you a new one. And "Zero Liability" means that you will not be held responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized charges made with your card or your account number.

Avoid credit card debt and finance charges
With a debit card, you’re only spending money that you have in your Town North Bank checking account. This is particularly important if you’re on a tight budget, or working your way out of debt. There are no finance charges on your balance, another attractive cost savings!

Worldwide acceptance at ATMs and merchant locations, including the Internet
Use your Town North Bank debit card at merchants worldwide, including mail, phone and Internet merchants. You may select "debit" at the point of sale and use your PIN (personal identification number). Or, you may press "credit" and sign the sales slip as you would with a credit card. Your debit card is also an ATM card. It can be used by entering your PIN number to get cash at any ATM location.

Protect your debit card
Remember to sign your card as soon as you receive it. Memorize your PIN number. Don’t carry it with you, and never reveal your PIN to anyone for any reason. It’s the key to your card’s security. Carry your card in a safe place, and keep your Town North Bank Customer Service phone number in a separate location in case the card is lost or stolen. Shred or destroy receipts after they have been reconciled, as some merchants still print your entire account number on the receipt.

It's easy to record your debits, just as you would your checks
Whenever you use your Town North debit card you’ll get a receipt. Simply record the information in your check register along with your checks. (Remember to record your ATM withdrawals, too.) When your statement comes, it will show the date, location and amount of your purchase. This will simplify your record keeping and make it easy for you to track your spending. You can also track purchases with online banking at www.tnbonline.com.

If you already carry a debit card from Town North, you know about the benefits available to you. If you don’t have one, then it’s time to join our customers who have discovered all that debit cards have to offer!