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Commercial Checking Account Analysis
Minimum opening deposit $100

The monthly maintenance fee on commercial checking accounts is determined by analyzing the activity and balances for the month, less earnings credit as described below:

Activity charges (1)

Monthly maintenance   $15.00
Checks Paid   $0.15
Items deposited   $0.10
Deposit tickets   $0.35
FDIC Insurance (2)   $0.033/$1,000
Avg. Daily Bal.
Earnings Credit

The earnings credit is determined by the average collected balance for the month — less legal reserve requirements — and the earnings credit for the month as shown in the following example:

Fees and services example(1):
Monthly maintenance   $15.00
50 Checks Paid (.15 each)   7.50
100 items deposited (.10 each)   10.00
10 Deposit tickets (.35 each)   3.50
FDIC Insurance (2)   .17
Earnings credit example:
Average daily balance   $5,000.00
Average collected balance   4,000.00
Less reserve (10%)   (400.00)
Earnings credit (2%)(3)   $6.12
Service Charge(4)   ($30.05)

(1) Subject to other fees and services
(2) Subject to change by the FDIC
(3) Subject to change monthly. Earnings Credit Calculation is based on the previous month's average of the 91 day Treasury Bill auction rate. Earnings credit is only used to offset maintenance fees and should not be considered payment of interest.
(4) The service charge will post to your account within 10 business days following month-end.