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Building a bank that is beneficial to our customers, our employees and our community.

About Us


Town North Bank is a national banking association headquartered in Dallas, Texas with assets of approximately $600 million. Town North Bank was founded in 1972 and is a relationship-based community bank primarily serving the banking needs of small to medium-sized businesses and their owners in the Dallas and Farmers Branch/Carrollton, Texas market. We also operate a mortgage warehouse lending business.

We are owned by 37 Texas state-chartered credit unions.

Business Segments

Core Banking

The Bank's core banking business is based in Dallas, Texas. Through the Bank, we engage in traditional community banking operations primarily focused on serving the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, offering a range of lending and deposit services to these businesses and their owners. The Bank's lending initiatives are primarily secured by owner-occupied commercial buildings, single and multi-family real estate and commercial and residential construction. The Bank is funded by both core deposits gathered from clients as well as brokered deposits and other wholesale borrowings. The Bank offers a wide range of deposit services, including checking, savings, money market accounts and certificates of deposit, and obtains most of its core deposits from individuals and businesses in its market area. The Bank also provides electronic banking services, such as Internet banking, online bill payment, cash management, ACH originations, and remote deposit capture. We actively pursue business relationships by utilizing the business contacts of our senior management and local bankers, thereby capitalizing on our long-standing history in and knowledge of the local marketplace.

Mortgage Warehouse

The Bank's mortgage warehouse business unit was established in 2004 in an effort to diversify our traditional banking structure and extend customer relationships beyond the North Texas area.

Products and Services

Through the Bank, we offer a variety of traditional commercial banking products and services. Our qualified personnel and personalized, technology-based delivery systems enable us to provide clients with access to an array of sophisticated financial products. As a result, our sales process is driven by the individual needs of our customers.

Commercial Services

We offer commercial customers a variety of products including general lending, investment and proprietary solutions. The Bank makes a variety of loans to businesses in the commercial real estate, investment property, working capital, equipment, expansion, and professional and executive lending areas. We also offer in-house business management solutions such as TNB Treasury Management, TNB Digital Lockbox and TNB Remote Deposit. Other services include business lines of credit, and debit and credit cards. In addition, we maintain a mortgage warehouse operation pursuant to which we purchase mortgages from approved brokers and sell them to approved investors.

Our current commercial lending strategy aims to build franchise value and leverage our existing relationships through loan production focused on strong equity, cash flow, and deposit relationships. Historically, we have put an emphasis on relationships generated in the Dallas, Texas market.

We primarily target small to medium-sized businesses and their owners. We offer loan and deposit products that are geared primarily to meet the needs of these customers.

Retail Services

The Bank's personal banking services include an array of depository and lending products. Loans are concentrated in the residential construction, home improvement, vehicle and personal loan areas. Transaction, savings and investment accounts, which are all accessible through online banking, are also available. Other resources include safe deposit boxes, automated banking services and drive-in telling.

Business Strategy

We target small to medium-sized businesses and their owners in our markets and have developed a relationship-based approach that focuses on providing traditional community-banking services through superior customer service. Through this strategy, we intend to conservatively grow our business, expand our customer base and deepen relationships, and improve profitability. The key elements of our operating strategy are as follows:

Emphasize traditional community banking model. We intend to operate the Bank with a central focus on providing superior customer service with an emphasis on building local relationships. We believe that the businesses, credit unions and individuals in our target markets currently lack banking relationships that provide them with the flexibility and innovative financial solutions necessary to retain and enhance such relationships. We focus on providing customers with sound, creative and timely responses to requests for credit, using our resources to maintain an efficient localized decision-making process. Our strategy is to provide a culture in which customers are provided individualized service while at the same time utilizing technology and capital to provide products comparable to those offered by our larger competitors.

Capitalize on current market conditions. Many participants in the banking industry have restricted their lending due to asset quality and capital constraints brought on by current market conditions. We believe that we can take advantage of this void in lending. We continue to see increased opportunities to expand our lending activities due to competitive dynamics, specifically through the lack of competition from regional banks that are internally focused. In addition to organic loan growth, and jumbo mortgage loans, we believe that our margins should be enhanced in the long run as interest rates stabilize or increase and risk-based pricing returns to the industry.

Focus on building core deposit relationships. We believe our current geographic footprint offers the opportunity for expanded core deposit growth. Our goal is to establish new customer relationships and leverage existing credit union relationships that are not driven by interest rates, but rather by personalized and responsive service designed to meet customers' needs.