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TNB Positive Pay

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How TNB Positive Pay Works

Positive Pay is essentially a service that allows you to review “exception” items that are presented for payment against your business checking account. The basic process is this:

  • Each day, you transmit to Town North Bank a list of issued checks. This transmission is originated through the Positive Pay service.
  • The list is matched against items that are presented for payment against your business checking account.
  • Items that do not match are returned to you for a payment decision.
  • Items are matched by check number, account number and dollar amount. Any item that does not match is presented to you for a payment decision.

The Benefits of TNB Positive Pay

The most obvious benefit is increased security against potential fraud. This service can eliminate many hours of work researching potential problems, saving your company both time and money. Plus, because items are reviewed daily, fraud can be stopped as it occurs rather than being discovered during account reconciliation.

The software application is easy to use, plus you have the flexibility to assign different account permission to different users in your company. This gives greater flexibility for companies that maintain separate accounts for different business functions or lines of business.

Exception Items

Items that do not match the list you provide to Town North Bank are presented to you as exception items requiring a payment decision. Examples of exception items include but are not limited to:

  • Amount Mismatch: A paid check does not match the dollar amount you submitted for that check
  • Paid-No-Issue: A paid check is not found in your submitted check register
  • Duplicate Paid: A paid check is a duplicate of a previously paid item
  • Paid Void: A paid check matches an item you submitted as a voided item

When any of these exceptions occur, you have the option of paying the item as presented or returning the item unpaid. Control and peace of mind—these make TNB Positive Pay an invaluable management tool for your business.

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